Congratulation Speech from Zoomark

Date: 2016-11-16 Compiler:

We first met Mrs. Chen Yang in 1998 and immediately understood that China Great Wall International Exhibition Co. Ltd would have become a reliable, trustworthy and precious partner to us.

Since its debut, in 1999, the China Pavilion has been growing show after show. It began when Zoomark was still held in Milan. At that time the Chinese members of the Pavilion were just a handful. Some of them are still coming to our show after all those years.

The growth rate of the China Pavilion has been impressive over the years. In 9 shows it increased by 400% in terms of number of companies and even more so in terms of surface covered, making China the second most represented country at Zoomark International.

This is the proof of Zoomark’s strong international appeal and CGIE’s great job!

And the job easily grew into a sound friendship, fed with respect and loyalty. That is why we are here, to accompany some of the best manufacturers of Italy in the leading trade event in Asia.