China Pavillion to Interzoo 2022(5)

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Booth No.10.0-123a-3


#Product introduction:

Spandex fabric combined with fleece l,water resistant/wind proof/breathable;

Embroidery PAW patter;

Reflective double straps, Keep the dog safety in the low light condition;

Anti-collision breathable leather on the shoe toe and side.


DOG Harness-jacket

#Product introduction:

We created the chester-and-back one-piece clothing, that is, combining the clothes with the chester-and-back belt, and taking the dog out of the house with one piece of clothing. There is no need to wear the collar or the chester-and-back. It has two functions, and it is convenient to wear and take off at the cost of one piece of clothing.


Qingdao Yilong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No.10.0-308

Automatic packaging machine

#Product introduction:

The automatic rotary fill and seal packaging machine is widely used for packaging pouches for solid, liquid, sauce and powder products. In pet industry, we have customers in dry or wet pet food, snacks and cat litter etc. The machine could automatically pick up pouches, open, fill, seal and output them, which could replace 7 to 12 packaging staff. The machine has the function that if there is no or not open pouch, there will be no fill and then no seal. Besides the machine is flexible to pack different size ranges of pouches, which is easy to change, use and maintain. Workers only need about 10 minutes to change different sizes pouches. Also the machine could have service backup in Europe, America and Asia. Although there is Covid recent years, the machine is exported around the world and becomes more popular.


Dongguan Yichong Industry Co., Ltd.

Booth No.10.0-125b-1

Pet Harness

#Product introduction:

The product features are as following:

1.Neck Velcro design.

2.Thick nylon strap.

3.With lock buckle and adjustable festival word buckle.

4.Widened reflective strip.

5.Bold soft handle.

6.Add zipper pocket design.

7.Velcro Logo.

8.Thickened buckle with lock and triangle D ring.


Yiwu Zhongyun Car Supplies Share Co., Ltd.

Booth No.10.0-113

Dog car seat cover

#Product introduction:

Dog  car seat cover, a tool that can facilitate you and your pet to travel safely and happily, keep your pet safe at all times, and keep the car clean and tidy. Easy to install, easy to disassemble, easy to clean,you just need to wipe the hair with a towel or put it in the washing machine we are always working hard for the safe travel of you and your pets. If you love traveling with pets, then it's a must have for dog owners.Also,it can make your pet feel more secure and can always let you travel safely with your pet.


Lucky Enterprises Singapore Pte Ltd.

Booth No.10.0-116

Pet Products

#Company introduction:

PetMuse Studio (Lucky Enterprises Singapore Pte Ltd.) is a one-stop B2B solutions provider for customized pet toys design and manufacture, combining bespoke design and smart factory production. 

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