The contribution of pet shows in the world

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With the development of Chinese pet industry, the scale and influence of pet shows in China is developing accordingly. While learning from overseas shows, innovations are taking place in internal pet shows.

Current situation

Including dog show, pet show has a history of nearly a hundred year. There are more than 300 pet shows all over the world, spreading in 6 continents. Apart from historical and religious factors, economic is one key element that affects pet industry. Developed continents like Europe, North America and Oceania occupies 3/4 of the pet shows in the world. Asia and South America takes up some share for its regional economic growth and comparatively peaceful environment. While there are not many shows going on Africa due to its economic status.

Global Pets Expo

March 16-18 2016

As one the well-knowing show in the industry, GPE is organized by APPA and PIDA. The show holds annually in Orlando. This year, the show space is 320,000ft, with 1100 exhibitors.


March 31-April 3 2016

Interpets is held at Big Sight Tokyo annually. It is organized by JAMPA. It influences Japan and its surrounding area profoundly.


May 29-June 1 2016

Interzoo started from 1973. It is to hold every two year. Interzoo is the biggest pet show in the world with 130,000sqm of show space. During the show period, there are training, forum and performance on-site.


The show is to hold every two year as well, started from 1985. As one of the most influential platform in the industry, Zoomark is grown to be the leading show in Europe. It has successfully held 16 sessions so far.

China International Pet Show (CIPS)

As the first pet show appeared in China, CIPS has a history of 20 years. With years of development, CIPS has grown to the first largest pet show in Asia and the second largest in the world. There were 1157 exhibitors participated the show in 2015, which granted CIPS the first pet show in China with more than a thousand exhibitors. CIPS is also recognized as prior platform for top manufacturers and buyers. CIPS is growing up accordingly with Made-in-China throughout the years.

Westminster Kennel Club DogShow

Since the session in 1877, Westminster Kennel Club DogShow has a history of more than 130 years. It is one of the most ancient competitions in American history. Americans are so crazy about dog show that it has never been affected by neither ill weather, poor economic nor war. It is the 140th session this year with more than 3000 racing dogs.

All these pet shows together boost pet industry and make great contribution to International trade and cross-cultural communication.

Domestic pet show

Since 1990s, pet industry has emerging in China. With years of development, more and more families are treating their pets as a member of the family. According to an online research, there are more than 1500 million pets (dogs and cats, not include bird and fish) in China. The market scale is increasing more than 15% annually. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Ha’erbin, Wulumuqi, Xi’an, Kunming, Dalian and Lanzhou, etc, are 18 major pets city. The market value in China is RMB 40 billion. China appears to the one of the hottest emerging market.

Pet Day-Beijing

May 5-7 2016

Rooted with CIPS, Pet Day is the first itinerant pet exhibition in China. There will be four stops in 2016: Beijing, Dalian, Nanjing and Guangzhou with more than 10 on-site events to broadcast pet culture and pet care, enhance brands and promote sales.

Pet Fair Asia         

August 18-21 2016

It is to be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre. Pet Fair Asia has grown into a professional platform for both domestic sales and retail sales after 17 years of development.

All pet shows present platforms for the industry to promote trade and professional interaction. A good pet show is not only to boost business but also to impression all visitors in a culture point of view.