No direct correlation evidence found between the pet snacks manufactured in China and the disease and death of pets in USA

Date: 2015-01-23 Compiler:

Recently, some foreign media reported that some pet product suppliers from USA are worried that pet snacks imported from China have something to do with the illness of some pets in USA and therefore have removed the cat and dog snacks produced in China from shelves. Paying close attention to this, Chinese side has expressed sympathetic feelings to diseased pets and pet-owners, and wished the parties involved handle this fairly and justly.

Pet food is the main category of feed exported abroad from China, enjoying popularity among global consumers with the reasonable price and high quality, reaching to as far as 67 countries and areas in the world. In 2014, the export volume is 98,000 tons, worth of USD706 million, among which, the export volume in USA is 35,000 tons, worth of USD277 million. For a long period of time, in order to monitor and assure effectively the quality safety of the pet food to be exported, to maintain the good reputation of the commodities made in China, and to safeguard the healthy development of the manufacturing industry, Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) has endeavored great efforts in perfecting laws and regulations, in improving technical standards, strengthening the monitoring of safety risks and establishing quality safety demonstration areas. Up to now, there has been no quality safety accident happened. Out of a responsible attitude, AQSIQ has set up a Joint Expert Team with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA to conduct periodic and random exchange, to deepen technical cooperation, and to ask for opinions from experts in the scholastic circle and pet food industry to investigate the causes together. FDA has undergone over 1240 tests on pet snacks of dried chicken meat samples, including items like salmonella, poisonous heavy metal, pesticide, antibiotic, antiviral drug, mould, toxin, rodenticide, and other poisonous and harmful matter. The two sides have found no direct correlation evidence between the pet snacks manufactured in China and the disease and death of pets in USA. And there is no relevant poisonous and harmful matter detected.

Next, AQSIQ will tighten the monitoring of safety risks and the inspection & quarantine for pet food to be exported, enhance the cooperation and exchange with overseas official authorities and tackle timely and appropriately the issues occurred during the bilateral trade of pet food. Meanwhile, it is hoped that the incident can be treated more objectively and rationally by the parties concerned to avoid bad hype. A fair and healthy trade environment shall be created for all parties involved to prevent the unnecessary economic losses incurred to the relevant enterprises.