Pet service industry of China is in rapid growth

Date: 2021-06-22 Compiler:

The pet service industry can be further subdivided into pet grooming service, pet boarding service and pet training service, which account for approximately 65%, 30%, and 5% of the pet service industry market size respectively. Pet grooming service industry due to high consumption frequency, its overall scale is higher than the market scale of pet boarding service. The pet training service industry has the smallest market size, and most pet owners choose to train their pets on their own.
As pet owners continue to refine their needs for pet services, businesses continue to innovate in the content and form of pet services. Pet grooming service, as a relatively large service industry in the pet industry, has become a new trend in the pet service industry. Pet groomers came into being and became a sunrise profession in the pet service industry. Since 2010, pet groomers have been officially listed as one of the new professions of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.
The pet grooming market continues to expand
Pet grooming refers to the use of beauty products, trimming techniques, and dyeing to hide body defects and add beauty to pets, so as to achieve the effect of making pets and their owners physically and mentally happy. Mainly include cleaning, trimming, styling, dyeing, etc., and the demand is relatively high. With the development of the pet industry, pet owners' demand for pet services is higher than before and the pet grooming industry has developed rapidly.
As of 2018, in the United States alone, the value of the pet grooming market exceeded US$9 billion. When it comes to pet grooming, it is not only essential to the health of most pet breeds, but consumers' demand for product quality, safety, and natural or organic grooming products is also driving the development of the pet grooming market. For example, more and more pet brands are turning their product lines to "green" or all-natural, and more and more grooming brands launches regularly, offering hypoallergenic shampoos, natural conditioners, hand care and nasal creams, bed bug sprays, etc.
At present, China's pet grooming market is still dominated by basic needs such as body soap. For example, the demand for body soap accounts for about 95% of the overall Chinese pet grooming market. There is still a lot of room for improvement in the pet grooming market in the future.
Due to the increasing demand for pet grooming services, pet companies have the opportunity to enter new markets and reach new customer groups by providing products such as balm, shampoo, spray and other products. The global pet service industry is continuing to develop vigorously. As pet lovers demand more and more refined pets, pet grooming has become an indispensable part of the booming pet economy. Pet grooming consumption continues to increase, and the consumption power driven by pets cannot be underestimated. The industry development brought about by the It Economy in the future is far more than that. There are still many unknown possibilities for entering the industry.