The characteristics of pet food purchase in China

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Post-90s are the main force in dog food consumption.
Nearly 70% of the consumption contribution of online dog food comes from women. From the perspective of age and generation, the young generation born in the 90s has become the main consumer, and the Z generation has the fastest growth rate; from the urban line-level distribution, the second-tier cities account for the most prominent consumption. Second-tier urban youths can have more leisure time to spend with their pets compared with the first tier cities residents, and the consumption power of dog food is naturally more prominent.

Generation Z is the main force of pet lovers, the proportion and growth rate of cat food consumption far exceed other generations.
Online cat food consumer portraits show that women’s contribution to consumption is more prominent, accounting for more than 70%. Gen Z has become the backbone of cat food consumption; the younger generation of cat-raising groups is a manifestation of online attraction. The popularity of cat culture, and the characteristics of cats that are more adapted to the emotional and companionship needs of young people.

Cats ‘parents achieve consumption upgrades faster than dogs’.
The per capita consumption of online cat food is nearly 1.5 times that of dog food. The proportion of high-end pet food purchase consumers of dog food is about 18%, nearly 30% of cat food purchase consumers. At the same time, cat parents purchase performance is better than dogs ‘in term of frequency and unit price. It can be seen that the cat parents favor snacks.