How can pet brands use the Xiaohongshu platform for marketing?

Date: 2021-03-17 Compiler:

Relying on a real and diverse community atmosphere, Xiaohongshu has become an irreplaceable lifestyle platform and consumer decision-making portal for young people, and has the ability to create trends and hot spots. In recent years, Xiaohongshu has become a popular platform for pet lovers, and pet category has also become one of the important sections of Xiaohongshu.

"Cat" is also on the list of keywords of the year in Xiaohongshu 2020, with a hot search rate of 55%, ranking eighth in the list of most searched keywords of the year.

How can brands reach consumers more efficiently?

Content is the foundation of Xiaohongshu's marketing, and good content must be the foundation for brands to seize users of Xiaohongshu.

1. Opinion leaders such as celebrities or KOLs are more convincing in what they say or send;

2. Users share through real word-of-mouth, and use experience to form notes on the site, which is based on real user sharing;

3. The brand has its own content creation team, and a wide range of innovative creations affect the minds of customers.

After reaching the target users with good content, the next step is how to influence the decision-making moment. When users search for a brand or category, let users be more inclined to your brand through explosive notes.

1.One is the Shutiao Tool

Brands can use this tool to learn more about the content favored by Xiaohongshu users.

2.Information flow advertising 

The same content repeatedly reaches users, which is the key point that enables users to make consumption decisions, and is a more effective means for users to make consumption decisions.

3.Searching engine ads

40% of Xiaohongshu's traffic comes from searching engine ads. This group of people in search has a very high willingness to make consumer decisions. At this time, it is necessary to catch users and infect users through searching engine ads.