Top 10 brands pet food brands in China

Date: 2021-03-03 Compiler:

The scale of China’s pet market is growing year by year, and the demand for pet food continues to rise. Relying on the big data of the entire network, this list has collected information on more than 89 brands in the pet food industry and votes from 55,352 netizens as a reference. The CNPP big data platform provides data support, comprehensively analyzes various strength data such as the popularity of the pet food industry brand, the number of employees, the scale of corporate assets and business conditions, and selects the top ten pet food brand rankings for 2020-2021.

No. 1 Royal Canin

No. 2 Purina

No. 3 Pedigree

No. 4 ProPlan

No. 5 Bridge

No. 6 MyFoodie

No. 7 Wanpy

No. 8 Luscious


No. 10 SANPO

The pet industry in China started late, with less than 30 years of development history. In 2010, the market size of China’s pet food industry just exceeded RMB 10 billion, and the market scale continued to grow steadily. By 2019, the market size reached RMB 70.1 billion. During the decade from 2010 to 2019, the annual compound growth rate of China's pet food industry market size reached 24.16%.

Pet food consumption that contains food, snacks and health products is relatively rigid, as it occupies a dominant position in the entire pet consumption structure. In the pet food segment, consumption of staple dry food, pet snacks, and pet health products accounted for 64.17%, 31.76%, and 4.07% of the total respectively. Although staple dry food consumption still occupies the main position of pet food consumption, its proportion has been declining in recent years. In order to obtain more balanced nutrition for their pets, pet owners began to pay attention to and try pet snacks and pet health products, and pet food began to be refined and segmented.