Pet short video + livestream has become a trend!

Date: 2021-01-06 Compiler:

According to the "2020 Kuaishou Pet Ecological Report", Kuaishou has become a leading pet short video and livestream platform.

Kuaishou pet short video has a maximum daily broadcast volume of 700 million. As of May 2020, Kuaishou has a pet livestream every 5.4 seconds. The average livestream is 1 hour per session, and the average daily livestream is 16,000 hours. The audience exceeds 100 million while the bloggers exceeds 75,000, among which 80% are 80s and 90s.

More and more people are paying attention to pet section in Kuaishou. Whether it is the most popular dogs and cats, or small pets such as pigeons, hamsters, or even alpacas, reptiles, pandas, ornamental fish, etc., they are also attracting audience in Kuaishou.

In the post-epidemic era, retaliatory consumption is emerging. Pet economy is also receiving a small wave of growth. The popularity of pet short video and livestream has become private traffic then convert into consumption.  

The report shows that third- and fourth-tier cities prefer to keep dogs, while first- and second-tier cities prefer cats. The content covers multiple types such as drama, products recommendation, adoption, jokes and vlog. In terms of niche pets, the number of monthly comments reached 390 million in July 2020 alone. The report showed that the proportion of pigeon-related short videos was ranked second only to dogs and higher than cats. There are 800 chat groups related to pigeons that covers 110,000 people in Kuaishou. Breeding, raising, racing are the most interested topics. In addition, the average daily playback volume of alpaca short videos exceeded 1.2 million, while chameleon short videos exceeded 600,000.

The report shows that e-commerce pet influencers monthly orders exceed RMB 1.4 million, and one out of every two Kuaishou pet influencers earns makes income.

In April 2020, the number of Kuaishou pet e-commerce sellers increased by 157% compared to September 2019. 

In addition to live streaming, there are various ways to realize the Kuaishou pet account, and it is closely integrated with the industry chain to serve the entire industry chain with pets as the core.

Mr. Yu, who has won the World Pet Grooming Award, teaches pet care knowledge on Kuaishou. According to the report, during the epidemic, in addition to consulting veterinary, short video and livestream platforms are the first choice for many interviewed users. 50% of interviewed users keep pets, and up to 73% of users have plans to raise pets. The potential for pet industry is unlimited.