Empowering store revenue with cat service

Date: 2020-07-06 Compiler:

As the cat economy heats up, serving cat owners has become an important segment of performance growth, and learning more about the behavior of cats can provide this group of customers with better services.

At present, there are more than 90 million pet owning household in China, which are increasing rapidly every year. The number of pets in China has increased five times in the past few years, and the domestic pet consumer market has exceeded 1.856 billion yuan in 2019.

The domestic cat market has grown faster than dogs, and China’s cat population is expanding rapidly. As early as 2017, Taobao’s cat-related sales have reached 8.4 billion yuan, and the offline consumption of cats has reached 50 billion yuan. 

Cat economy means that no matter how difficult the economy is, the public's enthusiasm for cats and related products will always be high. As long as businesses involves cats, they can attract attention and benefit from them. This was also confirmed at the beginning of this year. At the beginning of the overall decline of the retail industry in 2020, the cat’s economic development momentum has not diminished. 

At this stage, almost everyone’s circle of friends has a cat lover, everyone’s WeChat has a cat emoji. Whether it is a phenomenon or data, it shows that the cat economy is already unstoppable, specifically reflected in the following aspects:

(1) With the help of major social media platforms, the internet celebrity cats are becoming IP

(2) Brands in other fields have also begun to participate in the overall situation of cat marketing

(3) Various cat products, brands and even apps are emerging