Pet dietist is the next trend

Date: 2020-05-27 Compiler:

On April 20, Taobao launched Selection of Fat Dog campaign on Weibo, with a special emphasis on the poster: "Must be fat dog!"

The winning dog will receive an official gift pack from Taobao that includes 50 cans, 50 pounds of dog food and pet t shirt, etc. The last gift on the list is a session of weight loss tutorial.

Many pet owners also think that keeping pets around is the expression of health and happiness. But like human obesity, pet obesity may cause complications in almost all systems in the pet's body, ranging

In China, with the aging of first generation pets of the first generation of pet owners, more health problems begun to appear. In addition to the impact of the previous epidemic, the frequency of pets going out and exercising has been greatly reduced. Obesity has become a problem faced by many pets. In this context, a new occupation called pet dietist emerged and was welcomed by many pet owners.

Many questions are asked about this new occupation. CIPS has interviewed founder PST Pet Behavior Institute and dog dietist Ms. Xin Zhang, who processes KPA、CTP certificate.
According to Zhang, pet eight loss programme is similar to human’s. One is to increase core strength and muscles through exercise, and the other is to control diet.

Just as humans use dumbbells, treadmills and other fitness equipment when exercising, dogs also need to use specific tools such as durian balls, yoga bricks, and balance mats when exercising. During fitness, the tutor will be placed through different forms of tools to allow the dog to make specific movements, so as to achieve the purpose of correcting position and exercising different parts of muscles.

For obese dogs, in addition to doing various exercises to train the muscle, they also increase aerobic exercise, such as water treadmills, walking, jogging and so on.

Many dogs have no training experience, so the dogs are to take training course before fitness programme to learn that standing on these tools is rewardable. She emphasized that the dog must never be forced to do movements, otherwise it will be nervous and scared.

In terms of diet, Zhang said, "We will calculate daily calories intake for dogs. Dogs who lose weight usually need to reduce their daily intake by a quarter." And the diet differs from breed to breed. Small dog cannot lose much weight at once. "We will increase muscle by increasing the amount of aerobic, because the basal metabolism is higher after muscle gain."