The Development of e-commerce in China Pet Industry

Date: 2020-03-30 Compiler:

Since 2014, the contribution rate of China's pet food online sales to the overall growth rate has always been higher than offline, and the online market has far surpassed the offline. E-commerce has become a more effective way for branding and sales, and it has become a link that brands cannot ignore.

Some people say that the bonus period in the pet market has passed, but looking at the industry as a whole, the increase rate of pet number has grown by 30%. In 2019, the number of dogs and cats in cities and towns nationwide reached 99.15 million, with an overall increase of 8.2%. The size of the pet consumer market reached RMB 202.4 billion, with an increase of 18.5% over 2018.

As a whole, the consumption market penetration rate of pet products exceeds service. The penetration rate of pet snacks and insect repellents is the highest, which reaches up to 70%. There is still much room for growth of health care product.

From the perspective of pet food purchase channel preferences, online channels have slight advantage. 53.2% of pet owners choose online channels to buy pet food while 46.8% of pet owners choose offline channels. Pet stores and vet are the main offline purchasing channel.

The China pet industry has not yet matured, and large channel of offline retail has not yet emerged. The explosion of the pet industry in China is accompanied by the rapid growth of e-commerce. Due to the consumption upgrade in the pet field and the rapid development of the online pet market, the transaction volume of pet food and pet health care products on all e-commerce platforms is much bigger than last year. E-commerce even has the momentum to suppress the offline market. In the future, pet e-commerce will have a lot of room for development