Pet Internet celebrity is in trend in China

Date: 2020-03-27 Compiler:

The integration of the pet economy and the Internet celebrity economy has produced a number of eye-catching "pet internetI celebrities". Among these "pet internet celebrities", there are ones that worth millions or even more.

For a long time in the past, the endorsements of beauty and skincare products were all female celebrities. Nowadays the spokespersons of skincare and beauty brands have gradually inclined to male celebrity.

It has never occurred to us that even pets could endorse a brand. Not long ago, an Internet celebrity announced on Weibo that Never (the name of his dog) had an eye shadow palate named after it. The news immediately caught the attention of fans.

The younger generation represented by "post-95s" formed a huge audience base of social media. According to Baidu's "Post-95 Life Style Survey Report", "post-95" is the most important user of online social platforms. They love to share, comment and tweet on the Internet, and they are passionate about barrage, beauty and "emoji". The "Internet celebrity economy" greatly caters to their individuality and openness.

UGC short videos can quickly gain popularity for pets, thanks to the following advantages:

1. The UGC short video platform is more entertaining that can attract people's attention faster.

2. On the UGC short video platform, the cute anthropomorphic communication can be more vividly reflected. Pets with their own characteristic can be memorized easily.

3. Some pet owners have seized the bonus period of the platform. The sooner they settle in, the more potential they bring to fame.

Creating pet celebrities is not difference from human celebrities. The essence is turning fans into purchasing power by gathering popularity on social media and then relying on a large fan base for targeted marketing.

In pet industry content operations, content is the essence. Under the guidance of content operations step by step, KOLs can display knowledge for viewers, and viewers are more likely to be affected and generate consumption.

In addition, from content to IP derivative, in the content era, whether it is pet influencers or industry vertical KOLs, the most important thing is to first define your own position and recognize the direction of your user group.

Content is a long-term investment, and there may be explosive content appearing inadvertently, but it is still necessary to be consistent and ready for a protracted battle in order to meet more possibilities in the future.