Online Vet-Pet Cloud Hospital

Date: 2020-03-11 Compiler:

Online Vet-Pet Cloud Hospital

We have previously reported that during the epidemic, pet camera equipment manufacturer Dibaocheng launched a public welfare campaign against epidemics, donating the "Pet Cloud Hospital" software to 1,000 pet hospitals for free to help pet hospitals open online. The latest news from CIPS return visit is: As of March 9, 723 hospitals have applied for use, and 1,986 pet owners have enjoyed timely and thoughtful online diagnosis and treatment services through Pet Cloud Hospital.

Let’s take a closer look of the Pet Cloud Hospital to know how it works and what can it provides.

The app has two entrance, one of the doctor and other one is for patient. On the doctor's entrance, pet doctors can combine with management software. Even if they are trapped at home during the epidemic, they can log in via WeChat on their mobile phones. Multiple doctors in a hospital can go online at the same time. After the epidemic is over, doctors can also solve the diagnosis and treatment of pets in time on the go.

In the online consultation for new and old customers, doctors can retrieve past cases of pets in the hospital. At the same time, consulting the medical history, allergy history and other data of pets can better guide the pets' medication, avoid possible risks, and support online prescribing.

For some pets with chronic diseases, through "Pet Cloud Hospital", doctors can check the past medical history, compare the current state of the pet, give opinions on whether to adjust the maintenance method or medication situation, and add records to this review process and keep a backup. After the follow-up, for some pets that need to be followed, a follow-up plan can be formulated and promptly reminded;

For some difficult conditions, doctors can apply for expert guidance online, or you can upload characteristic medical records to the app, and brainstorm with other doctors to discuss, communicate and learn with each other.
On the pet owners’ end, it serves the pet owners who can't take the pet to the vet. They can simply click Doctor List to choose doctors for pet feeding, ingestion, disinfection, protection advices.

After the diagnosis and treatment is completed, pet owners can pay online and enjoy convenient home delivery for medicine. The diagnosis and treatment and the prescription issued by the doctor will be saved in the pet's health file, and the pet owner can check it at any time.

According to statistics from Pet Cloud Hospital's, more than 700 "cloud hospitals" completed a total of 2,856 consultations within a week, and there were potential value-added services such as commodities and medicines.