Shenzhen will legislate a list of edible animals to forbid cats and dogs eating

Date: 2020-02-26 Compiler:

Shenzhen will legislate a list of edible animals to forbid cats and dogs eating

The Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress held a legislative symposium on February 21 to solicit opinions from relevant government departments and experts on the "Regulations on the Comprehensive Prohibition of Wild Animals in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (Draft)".

According to the file, in order to resolutely eliminate the bad habits of eating wild animals, control major public health risks from the source, and protect public health and life safety, Shenzhen will completely ban wild animals.

The regulations will formulate and promulgate the "List of Edible Animals in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone", and clearly stipulate that no one shall consume or organize consumption of animals and products other than those in the "List."

The directory includes:

Land animals, such as pigs, cows, sheep, donkeys, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, quails, and aquatic animals that are not prohibited by law or regulations.

Consumption of animals other than the "List" in violation of the regulations will be fined 500-5000 yuan, and edible organizations shall be fined 5,000-50,000 yuan. In addition to fines, illegal production operators will have their relevant licenses revoked in accordance with the law and constitute a crime Investigate criminal responsibility according to law.

Noticed that there are no companion animals such as cats and dogs in the list, that is to say, if the legislation is passed, it will be illegal to manufacture and sell companion animals such as cats and dogs in Shenzhen in the future.

According to reports, in this legislative work, the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress intends to use the legislative power of the SAR. The draft of the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone's Comprehensive Ban on Eating Wild Animals" will be published in the near future and will be consulted from the community.

In fact, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has always been in the line of animal protection. As early as 2011, legislation was proposed to ban cat and dog meat, but it was not implemented for various reasons.

Last year, the China ’s first pet park was also settled in Shenzhen. In addition to the special event venues, the pet area also has pet science knowledge, training facilities, sinks, pet lavatory and other facilities.

For civilized dog breeding, the Shenzhen Urban Management Department has been working hard to explore a dog breeding management road that is in line with Shenzhen's positioning and future urban development.

As a leading model city, once Shenzhen's legislation is successful, it will bring a good role of imitation to the rest of the country, and it will also be a solid step for animal protection in China!