The TikTok Pet Business

Date: 2020-02-25 Compiler:

The TikTok Pet Business 

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok is an app. An app that causes young people staying up late, with some many amusing videos sharing on this platform.

Because it is not as time-consuming as film, and not as energy-consuming as other social media, just click and enjoy the amusement.

Later, when I checked the data, I found that although tiktok was originally designed for users in first-and second-tier cities, it now exceeds 50% of users in third-and fourth-tier cities.

What is TikTok business?

As early as 2016, the number of employees in China's micro-business has exceeded 15 million, 2017 exceeded 20 million, and reached 25 million in 2018. According to Zhiyan Consulting's estimates, the number of WeChat business owners will exceed 30 million this year.

For WeChat business owners, WeChat is not just a chat software, but also a marketing tool. TikTok is not just entertaining software. It can be used to make profit. So there is the slogan of "Missing the 4G mobile Internet vent, don't miss the 5G short video vent, join TikTok and start a business together!"

In 2019, the pet industry attracted over 4.2 billion yuan, and everyone can intuitively see that the size of China's pet market is increasing year by year. At present, the proportion of pet households in China accounts for about 6%, which is far from the developed countries such as the United States and Canada, which shows that there is a vast space for improvement.

The popularity of TikTok short videos has fostered many Internet celebrities and IPs. These people are making a great deal of profit by selling product in their video. So how can the pet industry seize the opportunities and make it work as a marketing tool for branding?

The first is that the characters in the video have distinctive characteristics: from account positioning, personnel establishment, content planning, video production, voice and intonation, it has to have a strong affinity and expressiveness.

The second is the high degree of integration between the professionalism of the host and the requirements of the C-end, and has a deep understanding of product screening and the needs of petting users.

The third is the strong combination of video content and product planting.

TikTok Live Stream promotes offline business. A grooming school has been running TikTok for nearly 2 years, posted 461 videos, received 9.995 million likes and 596,000 followers, and peaked at 1.09 million likes in a video, which was regarded as the top account in the pet grooming field. Many customers know about the school via TikTok, and the attention from video has gradually transformed into her customers.

According to the 2019 short video data, it shows that its user scale is close to 600 million, and the penetration rate of young Internet users is as high as 80%. The proportion of users' short video usage time is close to that of traditional online video. The pet industry ranks about sixth among categories of short video platforms, with traffic accounting for about 12%.