The turning point of 2020 "indoor zoo"

Date: 2020-02-19 Compiler:

In recent years, indoor zoo, a new pet business format, have blossomed all over China, and have become one of a great way to attract consumers into shopping malls.
According to preliminary statistics from CIPS, there are currently 35 indoor zoos nationwide. Most of the area ranges from 500 to 10,000 square meters, and integrates interactive display, amusement experience and science education. Most of the profit models are based on the sale of tickets + IP derivatives. Some indoor zoos also provide services such as animal medical treatment, animal grooming, and animal fostering.

During the Spring Festival this year, a sudden outbreak of  novel coronavirus pneumonia broke out in Wuhan, and then spread to all parts of the country.

The latest test results from China CDC suggest that the outbreak may be related to the wildlife trade. Since then, the country has ushered in the most stringent wildlife control measures.

The State Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau jointly issued a notice calling for the prohibition of wildlife trading activities from now until the national epidemic eradication period, in order to cut off the source and transmission of the virus.

Under the control of the epidemic situation and policies, the persons in charge of many indoor zoos are having a difficult time, and opening new stores seems hopeless, without saying that they have to pay high rent and staff salaries. It is noticed that some indoor zoo is seeking for animal adoption.
How can indoor zoos minimize losses? After the epidemic, how to adjust, and how to establish core corporate barriers? These are the issues that need to be considered urgently.

In the long cycle, it is extremely difficult to restore normal income.

Therefore, at the beginning of the epidemic, some indoor management team first applied to the mall property owner for rent reduction support. Secondly, during the business suspension period, only animal management personnel are arranged on duty to adjust and match the animal feed in time to prepare for the shortage of feed, and all other staff are on vacation. Each company has its own genes and areas of expertise, even though the epidemic is appeared. You cannot blindly enter online trade because of the current situation offline. The more developed of online trading, the more important the offline experience needs to be. Indoor zoos should be committed to adding offline store content, experiencing upgrades, and building member services and models. Even if the investment is appropriately increased online, it is also a channel or tool, not sole business.