The secret to ¥11 million sales a day

Date: 2020-02-14 Compiler:

The secret to ¥11 million sales a day: the "Internet + Pet Medical" online sales model. Interview with General Manager of Xuan Baocheng Animal Critical Care Center.

"In 2006, I returned to China from Germany after graduation, and in 2007 I became the marketing director of, responsible for BD, PR, and sales. One year after, a shocking incident occurred- the Wenchuan earthquake. At that time, the whole country was supporting Sichuan. I represented my former employer to join the search and rescue team organized by CKU and CSV. 12 professional domestication search and rescue coaches, took 9 German Shepherds and 1 horse dog to Mianyang, Sichuan Province for rescue work.”
“I was very touched and surprised that these trained dogs would rather be injured and bleed than bark, they moved forward with pain and helped the human beings who held hope for survival. Since then, I decided to serve the pet industry for life. Actually, I think I am very lucky. My hobbies and my career complement each other. " said Mr. Feng, whom has been working in pet industry for 13 years, and now the general manager of Dibaocheng Animal Critical Care Center.

Dibaocheng (Shanghai) Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2018 and was headquartered in Shanghai. It is an advanced first-class animal medical equipment manufacturer with the core intellectual property rights in pet MRI and DR machines. At present, there are more than 10 product lines in 4 core categories such as MRI, DR, CT, and color Doppler ultrasound. At the same time, new products such as laparoscopes, fundus cameras, etc. are continuously introduced.

Currently affected by the COVID-19, pet hospitals in several cities have been forced to close, and the entire industry has fallen into a huge dilemma. At the critical moment, Dibaocheng urgently assisted pet hospitals and donated ¥50,000 worth of "Pet Hospital Cloud" software to 1,000 hospitals across the country. The biggest feature of "Pet Hospital Cloud " is that even if the doctors are stayed at home, they can log in to the mobile phone through the WeChat terminal and also allow the doctors to retrieve past cases of the pets. In addition to the functions of light consultation, follow-up consultation, and medication guidance, Pet Hospital Cloud has other features add to top: including setting up pet health files, allowing multiple physicians to log in at the same time, following up after consultation, especially for some pets that needed follow-up plans, the system will make reminders, as well as setting up medical records discussion for remote radiology.

Talking about the original intention of launching this charity event, Mr. Feng said, "The parent company of Dibaocheng, started business as doctor. The group company called on everyone to donate their love to Wuhan and actively contribute. Although Dibaocheng has only started in the industry for merely a year, has been recognised by industry seniors, teachers, and doctors from more than 10,000 hospitals. The stronger the ability is, the greater the responsibility. The guidance to healthy development in the industry is mission carried by Dibaocheng.