Thanks for 20 Years to create a bright future Together--20th Anniversary Celebration of Yantai China Pet Foods Group

Date: 2018-10-15 Compiler:

Over the past two decades, it has been 20 years since the establishment of Yantai China Pet Foods Group. It has witnessed the growth of the company from a small factory of a dozen people in the early days to the current international development of pet food research and development as well as production and sales with successfully entering into the Chinese A-share listed company. During the past 20 years, the company has always follow the original heart, adhering to the corporate philosophy of “pet is a friend of human beings and also our family”, and always putting pet's health in the first place. "One same baseline, one same standard and one same quality" is our eternal adherence, "global sharing, the same quality" is our eternal pursuit.

On 30th September 2018 of the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Yantai China Pet Foods Group, a celebration of honor with the theme of “Thanks for 20 Years to create a bright future Together” was held in Yantai China Pet Foods Group New Industrial Park. At the beginning, Mr. Hao Zhongli, the Chairman and President, shared the 20-year development path of Yantai China Pet Foods Group, and reviewed the years when the Yantai China Pet Foods Group member struggled side by side together, and also expressed his sincere gratitude to the leaders of government, industry associations, partners from more than 50 countries around the world, more than 100 domestic distributor partners, supplier partners and all employees of Yantai China Pet Foods Group. Meanwhile, He solemnly promised that Yantai China Pet Foods Group would not fail the trust of partners and pet owners, and continued to provide safe, healthy and delicious food for pets around the world.

Accompanied by the inspiring music on the scene, Chairman Hao Zhongli and the distinguished guests who participated in the ceremony jointly launched the Golden-Sands Ceremony. With the gradual dumping of sands, the theme for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Yantai China Pet Foods Group has become more and more clear, which means that everyone has dedicated to achieve the glory of Yantai China Pet Foods Group, and also indicates that the next 20 years plan have been set sail.

Since its establishment, Yantai China Pet Foods Group has occupied one seat in the global pet industry market. Not only does its selling area of pet food cover 32 provincial administrative regions, but the company's own products are exported to the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and other countries, more than 50 countries on 5 continents. Those achievements stems from the eternal pursuit of product quality, from the continuous innovation of technology, from the support, from the trust of the leaders of industry associations, from the joint efforts of international customers and domestic distributors, and from excellent suppliers and assistance of partners. Therefore, at this celebration, Yantai China Pet Foods Group has invited international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan customer representatives, domestic distributors, supplier representatives and industry association leaders to the stage to deliver a speech and hold the award ceremony. Participants from their respective fields have fully affirmed the cooperation with Yantai China Pet Foods Group for many years, and express that they will continue to deepen cooperation between the two parties in the future and provide high-quality and healthy food for more pets around the world.

Finally, at the invitation of the organizers, the guests visited the sixth snack factory, the Culture Center, the product exhibition hall, the testing center and the R&D center. After spot inspection, the guests have a deeper and more intuitive understanding of the comprehensive strengths of development and production capability of Yantai China Pet Foods Group, and they show full confidence in further cooperation for future.

China's pet industry has already been in a high-speed growth period. Yantai China Pet Foods Group will continue to develop the international market while increasing the domestic market share through the rapid expansion of business scale. Adopt multi-brand operation strategy, focus on “Wanpy” and differentiated strategy to establish unique advantages in domestic market and focus on core resources and core competence in domestic market sales. In the mean time, it will continue to maintain the dominant position of snacks and wet food, focusing on catching up with dry food categories and striving to create the most well-known pet food brand in local area.

In the future, Yantai China Pet Foods Group will be driven by “technical innovation, physical innovation and service innovation” and aim to become the leader of the global pet industry and achieve the dream of “the century-old enterprise of the world pet industry” with outstanding performance.

Let us work together to paint a broader blueprint for the Chinese pet industry!