Great Wall Interview丨GiGwi:Build China's own world toy brand

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In 2010 GiGwi(贵为) founded in Hong Kong, and formally entered the pet toy market in 2015. In the face of fierce competition in the industry, GiGwi stand out from the competition and occupy significant market share in just three years. With curiosity and admiration, we had the honor to interview Mr. Yu Shuai, the General Manager of GiGwi.

About GiGwi

GiGwi has many years of experience in import and export of foreign trade. The company started foreign trade in 1998, and started with children's toys. In 2004, it began to enter the pet industry, from the earliest OEM to ODM. As early as the brand was founded, GiGwi determined the company vision of 'providing quality, safe and innovative pet toys for pets around the world, and sharing happy hours with your pets.' ”

After three years of experience in brand positioning, team building, product design and development, GiGwi officially entered the pet toy market in 2015, taking Great Wall International Exhibition Company as the platform, and has successively entered the domestic and international pet market.

With the positioning of the brand, GiGwi's plan is to focus on pet products and pet snacks, and to create a one-stop solution for concept development, product design, package marketing, display design to lean production, quality control and freight logistics for global customers.

About GiGwi Business

GiGw's business has branches in China, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia and North America. Its main business covers North America, Europe and Asia. Facing the full spread of the global market, it has entered a market to penetrate a market and quickly integrate with the local pet culture.

"With the operation in recent years, we feel that domestic and international differentiation is getting smaller and smaller, the domestic awareness of pets is getting better and better, pet owners have more and more aware of pet products, which is a very good opportunity for development, and we treat the domestic market as the main market. In GiGwi's plan, going out has already begun, and the next step is to introduce high-quality foreign products in China.

About GiGwi  R & D

Design and development is the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The design and development department is the most core departments of the company. "In the past five years, the company has basically doubled its investment in research and development, which is used to introduce high-quality talents, cultivate talents and innovate products". Explained by Mr. Yu Shuai.

In the face of the globalization of the layout, it is inevitable to encounter the management and organizational structure of global talents and set up branches in different countries and regions, which is part of your operation as an international company.  Only through the participation of local branches can we adapt to the needs of the global layout.

About GiGwi Strategy Planning

GiGwi is based on a strong domestic supply chain OEM to the international market, and then reversed into the domestic market from 2015. Therefore, in foreign countries, the brand recognition of GiGwi is much higher than the domestic market.

Speaking of the concept of new retail, Mr. Yu Shuai believes that the essence of new retail is to shift from market-oriented to consumer-centric and to better service consumers with scenario products.

Brands want to be better, they need to keep up with the times. Therefore, GiGwi has strengthened the construction of the domestic marketing team since the second half of last year, combining new concept and new gameplay, and launching simultaneous product promotion and sales in various channels.

Talking about the partnership between GiGwi and Great Wall, Mr Yu Shuai said: "Thanks to Great Wall for its support to GiGwi, the rapid development of the pet industry in recent years has benefited from the opening and connectivity of the platform, allowing more Chinese enterprises to go out and let the world know about China. GiGwi is willing to be steadfast in our belief and build a global Chinese pet brand with excellent peers.


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