Basic courses required or desired for Aquarists

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Aquarists have an extremely varied set of responsibilities, and therefore need an equally diverse range of knowledge and skills to do their jobs. With a job that includes tasks as distinct as maintaining proper lighting in an exhibit, diagnosing animal health, maintaining water quality, and building exhibits, aquarists must be comfortable using a wide range of tools. The list of equipment aquarists typically use includes: hand and power tools, ladders, and scaffolding; hazardous chemicals, epoxies, and glues; first aid equipment; fishing equipment and collection gear; plumbing equipment, lighting equipment, and pressure sprayers; and life support equipment.
Basic courses required or desired for aquarists include first aid, technical and/or scientific writing, plumbing, CPR, and computer programming. They also include ecology, genetics, ichthyology, botany, aquaculture, and chemistry.
Here lists  Basic courses required or desired for Aquarists:
· First aid
· DAN O2 Provider
· Coast Guard safe boating course
· Marine biology
· Invertebrate zoology
· Ecology
· Genetics
· Animal nutrition
· Microbiology
· Anatomy
· Physiology
· Behavioral biology
· Parasitology
· Ichthyology
· Ornithology
· Botany
· Aquaculture
· Physics/fluid dynamics
· Chemistry
· Geometry
· Algebra
· Statistics
· Technical/scientific writing
· Speech/communication
· Management training
· Conflict resolution training
· Shop class (metal and wood work)
· Plumbing
· Electronics/electrics
· Design (art/interior design/landscape design)