Rapid growth seen in China Pet food market

Date: 2018-02-05 View: 619 Compiler:

Chinese pet food industry is well-established, which covers dry food, wet food, snack and health products.

The market value of China pet industry has reached to RMB 134 billion(USD 21.2 billion), among these, pet food exceeds more than RMB 30 billion ( USD 4.6 billion). There is intense market competition in pet food market. Pet food consumption accounted for the largest part among all.

Pet food

International brands occupy 50% of the market share. Dry food dominates the market, especially dog dry food which occupies 70% of market share. According to China Pet Industry White Paper, consumers don’t have much brand loyalty. They pay more attention to nutrition, palatability and value for money.

Pet treat

80% of the top 10 dog treat are domestic brands. Here are some popular domestic brands: Cpet is famous for its chews and biscuit, Wanpy is loved by its chicken jerky slice and customers favour frozen dried snack from Ranova.

Health product

According to the data from taobao/tmall (China leading online retailer), 7 of the top 10 most popular health product are domestic brands. The consumers’ requirement of customerised product has put domestic brands up in challenge.

China pet industry is in profit-making period, yet facing challenges.