Esteemed Instructors Converge for an remarkable Gathering | The 5th Pungo CIPS Global Grooming Conference

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With the aim of bringing China's pet grooming industry in line with global standards and providing a more internationally oriented, inclusive, open, and equitable platform for showcasing and exchanging ideas in the global pet grooming field, in 2018,

It partnered with over twenty pet grooming industry organizations and institutions worldwide to initiate and establish the Great Wall World Pet Grooming Conference (CIPS Global Grooming Conference, CGGC).

CGGC stands as a global pet grooming industry grand gathering that integrates "competitions, forum discussions, performance shows, art exhibitions, and team evaluations" into a unified experience.

During this edition of the Great Wall Pet Expo, CGGC will present a series of globally leading pet grooming competitions and events, encompassing the Great Wall Cup "Golden Finger Award" World Pet Grooming Championship, the Online Selection of Distinguished Schools and Instructors, the World Pet Grooming Masters Show, and immersive hands-on workshops with renowned instructors.


Through this series of competitions, CGGC will select and assemble a national team representing China. This endeavor is designed to propel outstanding domestic pet groomers onto the international stage, enabling them to participate in global pet grooming championships worldwide.


In September of this year, the national team from the CGGC World Pet Grooming Conference represented China at the 12th MKA Grooming Championship, adhering to the FCI system, in Malaysia, where they emerged as champions. This achievement not only showcased China's presence in the global pet grooming industry but also added momentum to shaping worldwide industry trends.


The scene of the 12th MKA Grooming Championship Award Ceremony

During the 27th Great Wall Pet Expo, CGGC will extend invitations to top pet grooming masters from around the world in Shanghai. During this event, pet groomers will have the opportunity to witness cutting-edge pet grooming creations up close. It's not just a visual feast like no other, but also a platform for the vibrant exchange and collision of cultural and artistic values in the pet grooming domain, bringing together the best of both Eastern and Western influences.

A Feast for the Eyes! Top School Instructors Perform Together.

Visual Extravaganza! Collision and Exchange of Eastern and Western Pet Grooming Culture.

On-Site Guidance! Hands-On Experience with Renowned Instructors Up Close.