The 28th China International Pet Show (CIPS 2024)


The Ideal B-to-B International Platform in Asia

Creating a leader in China's pet industry

Bringing together the world's top brands in the pet industry

Date: Sep. 10-13, 2024

Venue: China lmport and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou

The 28th China International Pet Show (CIPS 2024) will be held on Sep. 10 to 13, at China lmport and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China.CIPS is the international industry trade show in Asia. The 20 plus conferences and activities will offer insights on the changes and trending in China, Asia and worldwide in the industry. The long-waited face-to-face meetings with 80,000 plus professionals from over 120 countries will ensure a breakout 2024 for your business.


Professional Events Covering Industry Hotspots Grasp the Future Direction of Pet Industry



The Global Pet E-commerce Forum

The Global Pet E-commerce Forum invites industry experts from various platforms such as TikTok, Amazon, Taobao, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and Video Number to explore new channels, strategies, and trends in e-commerce. The forum aims to assist brands in maximizing e-commerce profitability.


The 6th CGGC CIPS Global Grooming Conference

The 6th CGGC CIPS Global Grooming Conference gathers internationally renowned masters, showcasing cutting-edge techniques and expertise, unveiling trends and global fashions in pet grooming and care, aligning and exchanging ideas with the international pet beauty community.


International Cat Show

This competition brings together professional groomers from various pet stores and those engaged in pet grooming work nationwide. They showcase their exceptional skills and concepts in cat grooming and care.


All-Breed Championship Dog Show

The exhibition will gather over a hundred purebred, world-class competition dogs, and professional judges will select outstanding individuals from each dog breed, showcasing excellence in various breeds.


 CIPS Global Ornamental Fish Championship

(Arowana,Tiger Fish, Stingrays, Arowanas, Goldfish, Guppy, Betta, etc.)

Since 2016, the China International Pet show (CIPS) and the Small Ornamental Fish and Shrimp Branch of the Chinese Fisheries Association have joined forces to create the "Great Wall Cup" World Small Ornamental Fish and Shrimp Championship. This can be regarded as an aircraft carrier in the small fish and shrimp world. With rigorous selection of species, invitations to judges and experts from around the globe, and a meticulous technical team, it has set a professional benchmark for live aquatic events!


CIPS International Aquarium Contest (CIAC)

CIPS International Aquarium Contest (CIAC) was jointly founded by the China Fisheries Association Aquascaping Branch (referred to as: Zhongjinghui/CFAA) and the China International Pet Show (CIPS) in 2016, officially commencing in 2017. The organizers collaborate to unite enthusiasts of aquatic landscaping, inspiring interests, and rekindling passion. Through hosting landscaping competitions, they encourage participants to continually innovate and surpass themselves. Simultaneously, the goal is to cultivate interest among non-participants and popularize knowledge about aquascaping.


CIPS International Marine Aquascaping Contest (CMAC)

CIPS International Marine Aquascaping Contest (CMAC) is the largest and only national international aquarium event in China, co-created by the China Fisheries Association Marine Ornamental Biology Branch and China International Pet show (CIPS). It has awards like the Most Beautiful Aquarium Landscape, Cutest Fish/Creature, and Most Beautiful Coral.


CIPS Biotope Aquarium Contest (CBAC)

Internationally, aquarium enthusiasts often use "Biotope aquarium" to describe original ecological landscapes. In 2018, within this context, CIPS and ifish jointly hosted the inaugural CIPS Biotope Aquarium Contest (CBAC) in China. So far, the event has drawn participation from landscape masters worldwide, establishing itself as an annual must-attend for both professionals and enthusiasts.


The Green Garden Paludarium Layout Art Contest

In today's fast-paced and high-stress era, people often seek to have a personal sanctuary to relieve stress and heal the soul. Miniature desktop landscapes and aquatic landscapes have become favorites among the general public. The training and landscaping competition for water and land micro-landscapes, organized in collaboration with the China International Pet show (CIPS) and Foshan (Beijing) Shuiwu Tianxia Aquatic Products Co., Ltd, combines professionalism and popularization. Each competition is highly anticipated and has become the most recognized event in this field.


New Products Showcase

This exhibition introduces an upgraded event and communication approach, unveiling a new product activity themed around "NEWⁿ." The goal is to facilitate industry interaction through the international platform of CIPS. Exhibitors are encouraged to showcase innovative products, and visitores can leverage this professional platform to stay informed about current trends.


Sustainable products Showcase

The inaugural sustainable development event themed " GREEN PAW PRINTS, LOVE FOR EARTH" is introduced to encourage exhibitors committed to green sustainability. Leveraging the international platform of CIPS, this event aims to facilitate extensive industry interaction, showcase new opportunities in sustainable development, disseminate cutting-edge ideas, and inject new momentum into the industry's growth.



Booth Price

1.Raw Space (Minimum 18sqm):

In line stand (1 side open)USD 170/ m2

Corner stand (2 sides open)USD 185/ m2

Peninsula stand (3 sides open)   USD 200/ m2

Island stand (4 sides open)USD 215/ m2


2. Shell Scheme (Minimum 9sqm):

( Equipment include wall, carpet, 1 reception desk, 3 chairs, 1 table, 2 lights, 1 waste basket, fascia board and 1 socket)

In line stand (1 side open)USD 195/ m2

Corner stand (2 sides open)USD 210/ m2

Peninsula stand (3 sides open) USD 225/ m2

Island stand (4 sides open)USD 240/ m2


 Exhibits Profile

1. Articles for Dogs & Cats

1.1 Food  1.2 Pet accessories  1.3 Clothes

1.4 Toys 1.5 Smart products 1.6 Training articles

1.7 Nutrition and health 1.8 Grooming 1.9 Medical equipment & medicine

1.10 Burial 1.11  Arts & crafts  1.12 Dogs & Cats   1.13 Others


2. Articles for Aquaria

2.1 Tank 2.2 Lighting systems 2.3 Plants   

2.4 Filter material  2.5 Ornaments 2.6 Feed       

2.7 Medicine  2.8 Ornamental fish & shrimp 2.9 Aquariums

2.10 Aerators, pumps 2.11 Heaters & temperature regulators 2.12 Smart products

2.13 Garden, pond & fountains 2.14 Aquascaping & biotope works 2.15  Arts & crafts

2.16 Water conditioner  2.17 Others


3. Articles for Terraria

3.1 Terrariums, furniture  3.2 Ornaments  3.3 Reptiles and amphibia

3.4 Food  3.5 Medicine, health & treatment  3.6 Heaters & temperature regulators 

3.7 Lighting systems  3.8 Accessories  3.9  Arts & crafts 3.10 Others


4. Articles for small animals, rodents

4.1 Cages  4.2 Ornaments  4.3 Small animals  4.4 Food

4.5 Medicine, health & treatment  4.6 Grooming  4.7 Litter  4.8 Accessories

4.9 Arts & crafts  4.10 Others


5. Articles for Bird

5.1 Cages, aviaries  5.2 Ornaments  5.3 Birds

5.4 Food  5.5 Health, treatment  5.6 Litter  5.7 Accessories

5.8 Arts & crafts  5.9 Others


6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Media  6.2 Associations & NGOs  6.3 Financial institutions  6.4 Education & training  6.5 E-commerce 

6.6 IT, communication technology  6.7 Marketing system  6.8 Inventory supervision & storage 

6.9 Transportation  6.10 Customs clearance  6.11 Service  6.12 Others