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Co.'s profile(Chinese)我司拥有专业的联合研发团队,目前已开发出YEYE业业牌LPS高钙镁珊瑚盐,LPS珊瑚专用黄金虫,SPS珊瑚专用轮虫,蛋分加强剂(高效辅助蛋白质分离器清除缸内杂质),PO4去除剂,珊瑚增色剂等。

Co.'s profile(English)We are a professional marine aquarium company with an outstanding R & D team. There are series of products to satisfy your requirements, they are what coral reefs need named YEYE brand, such as high calcium sea salt,copepods at RT, rotifers and so on

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Logo (Chinese name):业业;湛蓝海         Logo (English name):YEYE;ZHANLANHAI