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Co.'s profile(Chinese)广东省中山市皖城工艺品厂是一家成立于2009年的全球假山流水砂岩喷泉专业制造商,公司占地面积3500平方米,50多个员工,生产不同类别的流水喷泉,包括假山流水、挂壁流水、小喷泉、欧式砂岩喷泉、砂岩花盆等。

Co.'s profile(English)Guangdong Zhongshan Wancheng Arts & Crafts Factory was founded in 2009 which is a professional manufacturer of global rockery fountain and continental sandstone. The company covers an area of more than 3500sqm and the employees 50. Production of different types of water fountain, including rockery water, wallpainting fountain, table fountain, continental sandstone fountain, sandstone flowerpot, etc.

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