Zhucheng Aidiman Pet Products Co., Ltd.


Co.'s profile(Chinese)艾迪蔓公司主要生产热风烘干、软包装罐头、马口铁罐头、火腿香肠、蒸制品等宠物食品。提供OEM/ODM,诚挚希望与国内外朋友在互惠互利的基础上合作。欢迎前来我公司指导和商务洽谈。

Co.'s profile(English)Company main processing hot-air drying pet food,cans,ham sausage,steamed products . OEM and ODM,wishes to cooperate with all friends at home and abroad on the ground of mutual benefits. Welcome to company for instruction and business negotiation.

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Logo (Chinese name):艾迪蔓         Logo (English name):Aidiman