Pet Industry Committee


Chinese Pet Industry Committee(hereinafter referred to as the CPICis established on November 18, 2019 in accordance with relevant Chinese Laws. The committee brings together enterprises, institutions, organizations involving with pet food, accessories, pet medical care. It is a non-profitable organization. Its objection is to establish extensive contacts with all national and related international professional organizations to promote joint development by linking government and industry.  

Function and Duties

1. Publicize relevant laws, regulations, policies and rules about pet food, accessories, pet medical care , live pets as well as logistics by the Chinese governments.

2. Collect information and sort out development trend, data as well as national and international market information of pet industry; provide consulting and training service for members.

3. Establish industry standards and professional ethics, promote industry self-discipline; conduct self-management of the industry development and make sure the industry is under the leadership of the government.

4. Establish industry standards and professional ethics; promote industry self-discipline; set up specialist groups to classify work into various fields such as pet food , accessories, pet medical care.

5. Invite experts in relevant sectors to provide technical training and guidance.

6. Propose amendments and addenda to the relevant laws, regulations, policies and rules by the government authorities.

7. Organize exchange and cooperation among members, relevant organizations, groups and enterprises at home and abroad.

8. Communicate and exchange ideas with other associations

9. Cooperate with government authorities, accept and undertake related takes entrusted by the government.

Service Guide

1. Provide professional consulting services from the perspective of technology and information; promote the relationship between other associations all around the world; offer other exclusive services such as technical information sharing activities and business investigation tours.

2. Build sound membership system, promoting and generating knowledge and business opportunities through active participation, information sharing, trend analysis and continuous training in all aspects

3. Generates information on the matter domestically and intentionally to ensure that they are in strict compliance with the current regulations; release regular newsletters and special bulletins with technical information on legislation and developments in the sector both at national and international level.




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