New Product Release Runway Show

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Runway + Models + Presentation 

An efficient way to promote new products by displaying its traits and technology to all BUYERS all at once. 

A great chance to show your company profile and culture to the whole world.

*Exhibitors are welcomed to invite their clients to the front row. 


Before the show: Promotions in PortalWeb, social media (weibo, wechat, facebook, linkedin) and magazines.

During the show: pro media tracking report throughout 

After the show: show reviews in all promotional channels, both domestic and International. 


Two shows each day, in the morning and afternoon. 

Duration: 30min/show


Display Form Duration Requirement
Publicity Video broadcast or speech (broadcast company culture, concept, development, etc) 10 min Publicity video or presentation provided by the exhibitor
Address product traits 10 min Publicity video or presentation provided by the exhibitor
New product runway display 10 min Models are provided by the organizer. Pet is provided by the exhibitor (optional)

Price List


Please deliver the following info to Ms. Meadow Zhang at zhanghj|

1.Company Name

2.New product name


Notes: the product must enter China after Nov 30 2016.

Deadline: Sep 10, 2017

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