New Product Preview- Issue 1

Date: 2016-08-02 View: 170 Compiler:

Company Name:FISHLIVE

Booth No:11.3E 49

Product: Bee Series

Introduction: In order to maintain the natural habitat condition for successful rearing, FishLive designs the complete and full range feeds and water conditioner to provide the hobbyists and professional breeders the helpful and useful resources.


Company Name: AROPET CO., LTD. (Korea Cat Litter Lab.)

Booth No: 12.2  C41

Product: Ever Dream Cat Litter

Introduction: Dust is not good for humans as well as cats. Dust can cause respiratory problems and gum. If the gum is severe, the higher the risk of conjunctivitis. So Everdream is born! Carefully choose high density and high quality sodium bentonite and remove 99.9% of dust with the exclusive dust-free process. Everdream is entirely different from others. Every cats are dreamed of this cat litter, We present you sand of dreams.



Booth No:12.2F33

Introduction: YBM-188 is our newly launched a wireless remote control products, with calendar, electronic clock and temperature display, touch screen wireless remote control, aluminum alloy shell, large blue LCD show that controller purpose is simple and easy to use, functional, safe and reliable, specific work follows:

2, the controller can control the output 7 Road, including: Lighting 2 Road, constant temperature heating, UV germicidal lamp, an oxygenating pump, circulating water pump, standby power supply, nursing lamp.

4, manual and automatic operation mode: lamp, lamp, UV lamp, these three functions have manual mode and automatic mode, manual mode can only manual equipment work, and automatic operation mode equipment can be according to the user to set the parameters of automatic control equipment, replacing every day, according to the trouble.

6, the wireless remote control panel can be placed in any location, not subject to the installation conditions, can be inserted in the fish tank, put the table, with the body, and so on.

8, wireless remote control energy saving Province, long standby, the normal use of a general charge of 1 months can be used.

10, wireless remote control size (length * width * thickness): 128 x 63 x 9mm.