Quarantine Access Procedures for China Pet to be imported to China for the first time

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Quarantine Access Procedures for Agricultural Productsto be imported to China for the first time

1.The competent quarantine authority of the exporting country shall, according to the trade interest, submit an official application in written form to General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China(AQSIQ)for exporting agricultural products to China with the its name, variety , use and information of importers and exporters.

2.AQSIQ will, according to the application, deliver a questionnaire concerning the Import Risk Analysis (IRA) to the exporting country for reply.

3.After receiving the reply to the questionnaire, AQSIQ will organize the relevant specialist to initiate IRA process.If necessary, AQSIQ will ask the exporting country for more information during the evaluation period;Based on the assessment of the above information, AQSIQ will decide whether it is necessary to send a specialist group to the exporting country to have on-the-spot inspection.

4.After finishing the IRA, AQSIQ will take account of whether or not to submit a draft of quarantine protocol or sanitary requirements for the product to be imported from the country to China, which will be discussed by both sides.

5.After having reached agreement on the protocol or sanitary requirement, the trade of this product will be commenced according to the requirements specified in the protocol.