Interpreter & Temporary Staff

Service item
Receptionist (with Costume)
650/day/ person
English / Chinese
650/day/ person
Japanese / Chinese
1000/day/ person
Korean/ Chinese
1000/day/ person
German / Chinese
1100/day/ person
French / Chinese
1100/day/ person
Russian / Chinese
1100/day/ person
Italian / Chinese
1400/day/ person
Spanish / Chinese
1400/day/ person
Portuguese/ Chinese
1400/day/ person


Notes(Basic procedure and explanation):
1.The cost quoted above is for eight-hour working per day.  Guest fill in application form. 
2..The service provider will contact with guest 
3.Free cancellation and No cancellation
Guests are allowed to cancel the original application before September 15,2018. The Service provider will refund all fees 
4.No cancellation. 
Guests can not cancel their original application after September 15,2018. The Service provider has the right to refuse to refund the fees
Send the following Booking Form to
Contact: Ms. Joanna Zhou     Tel: +86-15915811021    
Booth No.
Beginning date
Ending date
Total days
Other requirements



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